Classroom Activity
Electrical Energy Management
Iterative Methods in Programming


  • Design, test and evaluate alternative software algorithms to manage the lighting in a model room.
  • Compare alternative systems in terms of energy consumed, response time and stability under changing environmental conditions.
  • Discuss alternative types of open-loop and closed-loop control systems.

. The activity uses the Binary Basic Trainer.and a TI-84 family calculator, with a set of 4 flashlight-sized bulbs.


Author: Fred Thomas
Activity last revised: Sinclair Community College, 12-18-2005

Participant Handout | Facilitator Notes | Construction Guide | Sample Data (Excel) | Annotated Program Listing
Calculator Programs
This activity requires the calculator programs LIGHTING for the TI-84 family of calculators. Students also create a program, LIGHTSUB, a sample of which is included here. An alternative version of LIGHTING for TI-83 family calculators is also available, but it does not record data about time and does not support a detailed analysis of results.